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Bulimia Nervosa Resources

Learn about bulimia nervosa, including signs and symptoms of the eating disorder, health risks associated with it, and how to find treatment.

Eating Disorders Information

Learn more about eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, and how to get help.

  • Statistics on Anorexia in Men & Boys
    Statistics on Anorexia in Men & Boys

    The numbers around men with anorexia and eating disorders may be misleading. For example, a frequently quoted statistic is that 10% of anorexia cases are male, but even that statistic may be inaccurate, with some studies indicating the ratio may be higher.

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  • Commonly Prescribed Medications for Anorexia 
    Commonly Prescribed Medications for Anorexia 

    At present, there is no single medication for anorexia that can replace the benefits therapies can provide. However, some medications can address a few of the mental health symptoms many people with anorexia develop.

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  • The Connection Between Anorexia & Genetics 
    The Connection Between Anorexia & Genetics 

    Anorexia and genetics have a connection, although researchers aren’t exactly sure in what way.  If you have people in your immediate family who suffer from anorexia or other eating disorders, be mindful of that fact and consider adopting healthy habits to reduce your risk of developing an eating disorder yourself.

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