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Weighing in on Movies

How are topics of weight loss and weight gain portrayed on the silver screen? An analysis of over 1,000 movie scripts reveals some interesting trends. View Project

Reverse Photoshopping Video Game Characters

Technology has transformed video games into lifelike experiences; however, video game characters are far from realistic. We altered female video game characters to more closely represent the average American woman’s measurements. View Project

Superheroes With Realistic Body Types

Superheros are far from realistic, but could more sensible representations encourage healthier body perceptions? To start the discussion, we reverse-photoshopped comic book heroes to more closely reflect average American bodies. View Project

Searching for Skinny

What do searches on Google reveal about Americans’ quest toward weight loss? This report records keyword searches to reveal potentially unhealthy trends across the U.S. View Project

America’s Love-Hate Relationship With Food

If you feel conflicted, overwhelmed, or guilty when it comes to food, you’re not alone. In fact, we surveyed over 2,000 Americans and found that most of us have really complicated relationships with what we eat. View Project

The Evolution of Mr. Olympia

This article takes a look at the evolution of a Mr. Olympia’s winner’s physique over the last 50 years. How does it compare to the average American man? View Project

Body Image Empowerment on Instagram

It’s becoming more popular for people to express positive body images on social media. We analyzed posts on Instagram to see which U.S. states had the most use of body-positive hashtags. View Project

The Stigma of Eating Disorders

The Stigma of Eating Disorders

Despite the prevalence of eating disorders, the stigma and misunderstandings of how these conditions are formed and how they can be treated persists. View Project

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