Bulimia.com Editorial Policy

The content published on Bulimia.com is carefully researched, written, and edited to ensure the utmost quality and accuracy of information provided to our readers. We do not publish sponsored, paid, or guest posts and maintain complete control over all published information. Our content is trustworthy, based on scientific research and factual data, and updated regularly.

Before we publish articles on Bulimia.com, we ensure:

  • It has been thoroughly researched and backed up by evidence
  • The information comes from high-quality sources
  • It has been thoroughly fact-checked
  • We gather information from up-to-date research and sources

In addition, we strive to use language sensitive to all populations and not stigmatizing. We center the lived experience and honor how people refer to themselves.

Our Sources of Information

We ensure that only credible, reputable, and current sources are used in the editorial and medical review process. We take this responsibility seriously by fact-checking all information before publication and finding information that is as current as possible. 

In general, we prefer information and studies published in educational journals, government resources, encyclopedias, and reputable websites. Most of our sources are peer-reviewed, adding more credibility to the data they provide. 

Some examples of our sources include:

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  • MedlinePlus
  • National Library of Medicine
  • Journal of Eating Disorders

You can find a list of resources used at the bottom of our articles and in-text citations for each reference. 

Our editorial team

At Bulimia.com, we have gathered a team of highly qualified professionals with mental health and medical backgrounds. Their research abilities, combined with their educational and professional experiences, allow us to provide high-quality content to our readers and those in need of eating disorder treatment and help.

Last Update | 08 - 9 - 2023

Medical Disclaimer

Any information provided on the bulimia.com is for educational purposes only. The information on this site should not substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult with a medical professional if you are seeking medical advice, a diagnosis or any treatment solutions. Bulimia.com is not liable for any issues associated with acting upon any information on this site.